Background Check

Our Objective 

Provide comprehensive information about Background checking services that can minimize the risk of loss by helping your company make further decisions by taking important actions to investigate the chosen candidates before appointing them for important roles/positions in your company.

Our Background Checking Services
Our Background checking process involves the following
key steps:
• Identification of Targets
• Verification of Information ( Employment, Marital Status, Family, Home, Education etc)
• Field Survey and Documentation
• Report of Investigation

Areas that we specifically delve into (Background Checking Services):

  1. Verification of Identity
  2. Marital Status and Family Check
  3. Education Check
  4. Employment and Business Check
  5. Social Media Check (if Available)
  6. Home Address Check
  7. Financial and Credit Rating Check
  8. Lifestyle Check
  9. Criminal Record Check
  10. Anti Terrorism Check

Estimated Time for Completion of work
Standard comprehensive background checking would normally completed within 14 business days. Report will be submitted to client via email in PDF Format.

Stages of Background checking Process

  1. The first stage, within 48 working hours we will perform an ID check and address verification.
  2. In the second stage, we will examine details and facts such as education, employment, etc.
  3. Third stage, we will visit the home address of subject and making sure the data we have is matched with reality.
  4. The final stage you will receive our full report – either electronically or hard copy confirming in writing, all the information you need to make the right decision.
Sample Report of Background check
Capture sample of report

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