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February 8, 2013
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Detective Indonesia hadir untuk membantu anda dalam penyelidikan kasus love affair, suami/pacar yang selingkuh, keluarga yang hilang, cyber crime/kejahatan internet, kejahatan/kecurangan dalam bisnis, mencari tahu background/latar belakang seseorang dan lain sebagainya. Anda bisa mengirim email kepada kami dan kami akan menghubungi anda secepatnya.



Detective Indonesia is here to help you in solving problems such as investigation of a love affair, missing person, finding out someone’s background, internet crime, copyright infringement, crime at work, etc.

Please send us an email with detail of your case to :

We will respond to your email as soon as possible.

Why You Need us
* Cheating Spouse/Partner/Boyfriend/Girlfriend
* Employee Theft
* Copyright Infringement
* Background Check
* Password Recovery (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc)
* Missing People
* Insurance Fraud
* Cyber crime
* Surveillance and Investigations

HOTLINE PHONE NUMBER: (+62) 08788 725 8585

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June 23, 2012
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Computer & Mobile Phone Forensics


Detective Indonesia have a computer and mobile forensic investigation team with the ability to locate and recover all relevant information or traces of some information that may exist on a computer or storage device. This includes recovering items such as e-mails viewed but not “saved”, websites visited, deleted documents, deleted photos  etc.

Detective Indonesia can recover electronic evidence during a computer forensic investigation from the following types of devices:

  • Hard Drives
  • Back-up Storage Media and Flash Disks
  • Personal Laptop
  • Personal Computer
  • Personal Mobile Phones (Blackberry and other telephones)
  • Digital Cameras
  • Zip Drives

June 23, 2012
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Security documents

During investigation and surveillance, sometimes visual evidence such as video clips, photos and voice recording needed tobe supported by security documents in order to get more facts.

We guarantee all of our clients full confidentiality of all documents obtained. We strongly advise you not to use our security documents for court purposes but merely using the
data only for the analysis needed.

Detective Indonesia is able to help you to retrieve and obtain security documents
such as :

– Phone records of GSM and CDMA mobile phones.
– Lists of assets and taxes responsibility (for asset tracing)
– Verification and confirmation of land/house ownership
– Verication and confirmation of car ownership
– Other kind of security documents from all kind of Institution

How do We Do It .?.?.?

  • We can only retrieved/obtained documents and records that belongs to you and your close family members only.
  • You agree and acknowledge that the Records/Data collected will be only for the personal benefits of the data/record owner and will not be used for any legal / illegal use.
  • In case of any case / claim by any third party/ phone owner, you will be morally, legally & financially responsible.

November 10, 2011
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Missing Person in indonesia


Actually, missing person is not common problem for everyone. This situation is quite complicated since you cannot always keep in touch with important person in you life. People can suddenly fall out of touch due to abduction or kidnapping. What will you do when you face this situation? Of course, you must be calm first. Otherwise, you cannot find the solution with cool head. Finding missing person is easy if you have clue that you can use to figure out the location.
Information is solution to find missing person. What kind of information that you need? You need to know the last place you met him or her and last address of missing person that can be tracked. You must also know other related information like where they go, whom they go with, and other questions. Small details can be very helpful to track down the location of missing person. You also need to identify the possiblity of the location. Analizying the last communication can give useful clue. 
You can also use internet to find missing person. Interner is place for accessing all information. You can simply look for information by using search engine. After typing the keyword, you can get desired result. Use this powerful source of information for your own purpose. Certain websites usually give private information on individuals. You can use them to find missing person. Social networking site is good idea to find what you want. People usually like sharing every aspects in their life on social site. You can use the information as a clue to find missing person.
Private investigator can be costly, but it is effective to solve your problem. Of course, you should hire professional investigators to ensure satisfying result. They usually equip theirselves with knowledge, stragety, and special tools to find missing person.

November 10, 2011
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Background Check

Conducting Background Check is Important to Choose Employees

Why should you conduct background check? Big companies need trustable people to handle complicated job. You can only trust people with good reputation. If you need help to handle those problems, you can ask for help from private detective. Professional detective always applies effective method to do job for the clients. When you find difficulty to track the background of people that you will hire as full time worker, you can consult to private detective. Unlike police, detectives can their do job more quickly since they must not follow complicated procedures. Whenever you need help to solve case, they will be ready to do their job honestly.

What is the importance of background check? You need it to determine the quality of employees.
You must ensure that they do not hide any secret from you . If you truly need information related to employees, you must conduct background check on them. You do not know that they hide their criminal history or other terrible secret from you in order to get job in your company.

Background check is not a simple job that can be done easily by common people. You need to be clever and skillful to get information that your clients want. The detective should check the history of the employees by asking everyone close to them. Drug screening is also effective to figure out the dark secret of someone working for you. What you did in the past determines what you get in the future.

Actually, background check determines the quality of the employees that you will hire to support your company. Trusting other people can be very risky since you cannot watch them without any pause. They will look for chance to ruin your business if you are not careful with their action. You need to perform background check before selecting new employees.

November 10, 2011
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Copyright Infringement in Indonesia


Avoid Consequences of Copyright Infringement Cases
Copyright infringement is serious case since it deals with reproducing any copyrighted material without permission. It is so cruel to get profit for other’s creation and hard work. People work so hard to create something. Meanwhile, other people irresponsibly reproduce the contents without their permission. The situation can be different if they have copyrighted content. Everyone cannot reproduce your content without your permission. Otherwise, they must pay for the consequence. In this case, the owner of the content must register the content to get protection and avoid copyright infringement. It is very painful if you find your content reproduced by other people without your permission. You cannot get the profit or royalty from the copied content. Copyright holder can get protection to save their business and carrier. 
There are some simple methods that you can apply to avoid copyright infringement. As we know, this problem can be serious threat for your business. You can prove yourself as original creator of certain content if you are copyright holder. However, protecting the contents can be very difficult in this modern era since many people can download digital content on the internet easily. If you want to stay away from complicated problem like copyright infringement, you must not steal or download music or video of famous artist. Stealing writers’ piece of writing is also bad habit that should be avoided. However, you can download free online media without worrying about copyright, but you cannot resell the contents for profit.
There is also another way to avoid copyright problem. If you want to create your own content, you can make it from scratch. You must avoid copying other contents without permission. You also need to include the reference if you write a text for your business. Adding in credit to the owner of the content is effective method to avoid copyright infringement.
If you are the owner of the copyrighted material, you can hire private detective to solve any problem related to copyright infringement.

November 10, 2011
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Insurance Fraud in Indonesia

Your business can be perfect target for insurance fraud. You cannot trust everyone in this world. People can do dirty trick to get profits since it is very difficult to win competition in the market. Whatever your business, scammers will always look for chance to ruin it. Criminals and scammers are unseparatable parts of any aspects in our life. You should be careful when running your business. Otherwise, your company can collapse quickly due to insurance fraud.
Insurance is perfect target for scammers. Actually, they always use same methods to deceive their victims. If you don’t want to be the next victim, you must have all knowledge related to insurance. It is very important to equip yourself with the knowledge since the scammers can easily trick the victims.  Shopping around is the best method when you need to get insurance to support your business. You can compare some recommended insurance providers to determine your choice. Of course, you must avoid fake insurance company that gives you insurance fraud. You should find important information including service, background, testimonial, and price of service. These aspects determine the quality of the insurance providers.
Don’ t trust people easily. If insurance agent offers insurance service, you should be careful with it. First, you need to gather all information related to the service. Be careful with extremely low rate. It is one of the characteristic of insurance fraud. Insurance fraud also leads to other terrible consequences. People cannot easily trust legal insurance providers since they are afraid of being tricked. 
Finding reputable insurance provider is not an easy job. You must conduct simple research first to determine the service and the quality. Before you are ready to decide your own choice, you must consider some important aspects. Scammers usually provide insurance fraud to get profit from you.
If you need help to solve any cases related to insurance fraud, you can contact the professional private detective and investigator to help you professionally.

November 9, 2011
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Surveillance in indonesia


Important Factors to Determine Quality of Surveillance Service
Surveillance is not easy job that everyone can handle. You need to have skills and equipments to conduct surveillance. Generally, private detective offers this service to their clients. However, it can be the most complicated job for detectives since only few detectives know exactly the effective method for this service. As clients, you should not choose poor detective that cannot do this job with satisfying result. So, how can you know the quality of their services? You can consider these important factors to judge their skill and dedication as private detectives.
 Insurance is needed in almost all aspects of life. Investigators should provide insurance to support investigations. Experience highly influenced the quality of the service. If you want to know more about the exprience of the private detectives, you can ask them directly to know how good they can serve their clients. Surveillance cannot be done perfectly since the detectives usually lose single subject. If you find difficulty to find reliable service, you can consult to the associations of the private investigators since they usually provide satisfying service. They have network, experience, resource, and other important equipments to solve your problem. Sometimes, your intuition is useful to help you determine your choice. It can lead you to find suitable surveillance service. 
Detective does not always guarantee satisfying service to support the clients. If you can find reputable surveillance service, you will get satisfying result. You should consider those factors to determine the quality of the service. You can find any information related to surveillance service on the internet if you want to learn more about this service.

November 9, 2011
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Corporate Investigation Indonesia


Can corporate investigation support your business?
Hiring private detective is very important for businessmen since they need investigation to protect their asset. As we know, business is not always free of problem. Burglary, theft, and fraud are common problemfor business. There is no peace in for big companies in big cities. You need solution to help you handle your problem since your business can be ruined quickly if you don’t prepare for the most terrible consequence. 
What can corporate investigation do to help your business? Business depends on this service very much to ensure the safety of their business. The investigation collect all important information, asset investigations, risk analysis, fraud analyisis, as well as other reliable services. Why do you need investigation in this modern era? Companies should have smart marketing idea to win the competition in this competitive market. Honest companies cannot survive easily for long time of periode since it is quite difficult to trust the employees. Your employees can betray you since you cannot judge the real characteristics of the staffs. The investigators are needed to watch fraudulent and suspicious activities. The existence of the corporate investigation is needed in the corporate sector due to the increasing criminal activities. 
Where can you find professional corporate investigation service? Actually, the effieciency of the investigative agency depends on the skill of each investigators and the equipments. Modern technology is needed to do investigation as quickly as possible. Besides, the company also hires full time investigators if their quality can be trusted.  They should work effectively to satisfy their clients. Otherwise, they will lose chance to win the competition against other agencies. You can use internet to find trusted investigators online. You can compare their services easily. 
If you need professional corporate investigation, you can contact Detective Indonesia to get the reliable service to support your company. The success of your business depends on your action.