Security documents

Jun 23

During investigation and surveillance, sometimes visual evidence such as video clips, photos and voice recording needed tobe supported by security documents in order to get more facts.

We guarantee all of our clients full confidentiality of all documents obtained. We strongly advise you not to use our security documents for court purposes but merely using the
data only for the analysis needed.

Detective Indonesia is able to help you to retrieve and obtain security documents
such as :

– Phone records of GSM and CDMA mobile phones.
– Lists of assets and taxes responsibility (for asset tracing)
– Verification and confirmation of land/house ownership
– Verication and confirmation of car ownership
– Other kind of security documents from all kind of Institution

How do We Do It .?.?.?

  • We can only retrieved/obtained documents and records that belongs to you and your close family members only.
  • You agree and acknowledge that the Records/Data collected will be only for the personal benefits of the data/record owner and will not be used for any legal / illegal use.
  • In case of any case / claim by any third party/ phone owner, you will be morally, legally & financially responsible.

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