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Asset Tracing

Do you need an assistance in the recovery of assets that may be hidden and you believe that you are entitled to?
Are you having problems in a divorce and require an expert in asset tracing?
Do you need to find someone who owes you money, and are they worth pursuing ?


We have experience in the task of asset tracing for national law firms, government organisations and multinational corporations. We help clients to identify tangible and non-tangibel assets and find all strategic assets that may support legal efforts towards recovery.

Whether you are an individual who is looking to sue someone who owe you money, a wife/husband who is going through the divorce courts and need an expert in tracing all their asset or a company wishing to trace debtor’s assets, then we can help you.

As professional investigators, we are capable in finding out a person’s wealth. We are experienced Investigators who are fully aware with the regulation surrounding the tracing of an individual’s assets, including searching all of bank accounts where target may keep his money, locating property owned both here and overseas, following money trails, uncovering different types of financial accounts such as stocks and shares and offshore accounts, along with locating the debtor.

All our assignments are carried out with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.