Case of interest

Asset Tracing
A Malaysian company hired us to do the task of asset tracing so they can recover the missing/stolen asset from the its subsidiary company in jakarta. We then start to retrieve the financial record of the shareholder and analyze the data. We also retrieved data from the land registry and tax department. We also do the field investigation and finding more facts about the missing assets. The task is completed less than a month of investigation.
Infidelity & Love affairs
The real truth ......A Client wanted us to do a background check on a lady he was going to take to United States. He wanted to make sure about the status, background of this certain lady as he was concerned about the gossips he heard from his friends. One of our investigators did the surveillance and found out apparantly the lady work as a karaoke hostess at night and some nights also bring clients back to her place. One of our male investigator pretend tobe her clients, and she asked for more money if client want a 'special service' at home or hotel.

A Married woman..........A female client contacted us and told us about her husband who always comes home late at night and sometimes not coming home for days. So one day when the husbad went out of town, i came to her house and install a GPS hidden inside her husband's car. After a week monitoring the GPS, location or address of the other woman was found. Our investigator then checked her background and found that she is a married woman as well.
Tracing Missing Person
Missing Girl........A family wanted us to find their daughter who mas missing / dissapear from the family for some months. We investigated and use all of our sources to find her , from the community where she lives, her friends and work place. Our IT expert finally found some evidences from the internet that actually she likes posting messages on yahoo groups and her ip address was traced and location of her is finally found
Undercover Work
We have assigned one of our female investigator tobe an undercover member in fitnes club so she can then retrieved more personal information about certain Personal trainer. She was able to approach the personal trainer and making friend with the person and installed the spy software into the target's handphone and laptop.
Copyright infringement
We managed to find several counterfeited items that were made in indonesia. We were posing as buyer and making some small purchases from the internet and then after several purchases, seller agreed in meeting us for some serius discussion on the items that we propose to buy and after first meeting, we were able to find the factory where he made the counterfeited items.
Background Check
A client wanted us to do a background check of a certain person who happened tobe the boyfriend of her daughter. We then managed to find that apparantly he is still married to another woman in different city, we were able to retrieved the copy of marriage certificate from the marriage registrar office as evidence.