Our Services

Detective Indonesia offers corporate and private clients a vast selection of reliable and professional services and solutions,

Including : Investigation & Surveillance, Employment Screening, Business Intelligence & Information services and  Asset Tracing.

Investigation & Surveillance
Our experienced Private Investigator could handle all kind of cases that is happening in your company or your private life such as infidelity or adultery, tracing missing asset and theft in your company, corruption, internet fraud, and due diligence matters. We have the expertise to solve your case in a professional manner.

Employment Screening
We could help to provide comprehensive Human Resource Employment Screening services and solutions to your company.

Business Inteligence & Information Services
We have significant experience in gathering information for clients – including multinational corporations, investment banks, private equity houses and funding agencies. Our work is conducted under the strictest confidentiality and within the laws in which we conduct our work. Our S pecialist Agents has significant expertise in gathering all kind of information and intelligence across a wide range of network and a ssists our clients in all kind of cases.

We could also provide our clients with all kind of information that is needed , such as:

- Marriage and Birth Records

- Company Ownerships and Share Holders Records

- Business / Private Financial Credit records

- Credit Rating Records

- Land or Property Ownership Records

- Asset and Tax Liability records

- Car or Vehicle Ownership/Registration Records

- Registration data that retrieved from phone providers and any financial/banking institution.

Asset Tracing
In legal terms, asset tracing is the procedure of tracking assets or funds that are missing. We could help you to trace any missing or stolen assets or funds. Please click here for more information regarding our Asset Tracing Service.

Spy Software installation.
We could help you in installing spy software for mobile phone such as Blackberry, Android phones, Iphone and tablets or Ipad.